Vehicle Tracking in India: Need of the hour

Vehicle Tracking in India

The growth story

Transport sector is one of the large businesses in India, and it accounts for a share of 6.4 per cent in India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Road transport has emerged as the dominant segment in India’s transportation sector with a share of 5.4 per cent in India’s GDP. Road transport demand is expected to grow by around 10% per annum in the backdrop of a targeted annual GDP growth of 9% during the Eleventh Five Year Plan.

Pain points

Though the road transport sector has high demands and thus profitable too, it is facing several pain areas related to interstate taxation, NH toll hikes and mainly the un-uniform Diesel hikes. Diesel price hike is a very sensitive issue not only to the road transport industry but also to the common man who continues to bear the brunt of the current inflationary pressure. Another problem faced by the industry is the unfair tyre pricing. Tyre companies keep raising prices at regular intervals. The fallout of such deliberate increase in tyre prices is quite adverse and always remains a contentious issue among tyre manufacturers and the transport community. Apart from these regulatory issues, they are also facing issues managing the drivers and their driving habits.


Advanced Fleet Management system tries to relieve some of the pain areas in Road Transport industry. The affordability of GPS based tracking and live Fuel monitoring plays very important role in Fleet Management.

Advanced Fleet Managements helps to relive the problems by offering following:

GPS: Track your vehicle; Track the routes, Halts and timeliness of your Vehicle schedule
GPRS/Mobile Internet: Access the Vehicle status 24×7, from anywhere, anytime.
Digital Fuel Sensors: High accuracy diesel sensors will keep you informed about Refill quantity, Consumption, and immediate alerts on theft cases.
Preventive Maintenance: Automatic notification of service dues, renewal reminders etc.
Service scheduling: Plan your schedules and track the servicing.
Parts accounting: Maintain part consumption & expense records
Driving Patterns: Always keep an eye on driver. Get useful reports on driver efficiency. Get instant SMS alerts on harsh breaking, over-speeding etc.